Monster's Element AdvantageEdit

Skill strengths

Monster RaritiesEdit

A monster’s rarity determines how powerful the montster is. Monsters that are hard to come by are stronger than common ones. Monster rarity comes in:

CommonUncommon,​ RareEpic and Legendary

Monster GradesEdit

A monster’s grades determine how strong its stats are. Monster grades come in grades:

E, DCBA and S

If you get a new monster, it will have E- grade. You can improve its grade at the Enhance Tree by sacrificing other monsters.

Note: If you use S monsters for synthesis the outcome monster will remain E-.

For a full list of all level 50 monsters on S rank, click here.

Monster UpgradeEdit

A monster upgrade allows you to stat bet on the upgraded monster, which increases its stats depending on the upgrade level. You can upgrade a monster three times, bronze , silver and gold.

Firstly, you need a level 50 S grade monster as your main monster to be upgraded.

Next, you must have another same monster (must be same evolution too) of any grade or level to sacrifice into your main monster to make it bronze.

To make a silver monster, you have to combine a bronze monster with any monster of same kind (Can be level 1 , S grade) and to make a gold monster, you have to combine a silver with a bronze one. 

All of these monsters have to be the same. Different evolutions do not work. 

Upgrading costs: Common- 20000 Uncommon- 50000 Rare- 100000 Epic- 1000000 Legendary- 3000000

So altogether you need 5 of the same monster (two of them level 50 S grade) and 4million silver for a gold epic monster for example.

3. When your monster has reached bronze grade and above, it can do stat bet. Higher grade monsters have a higher stat bet cap. Here are the stat bet caps below:

For Common- Bronze: +15 Silver: +30 Gold: +45

For Uncommon- Bronze: +15 Silver: +30 Gold: +45

For Rare-  Bronze: +15 Silver: +30 Gold: +45

For Epic- Bronze: +20 Silver: +40 Gold: +60

For Legendary- Normal: +20 (means unupgraded legend can bet until max of +20) Bronze: +40 Silver: +60 Gold: +80

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